How Can WEINTRAUS Help You Soar to Success?

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As a satellite owner and operator, you’re already familiar with the problems besetting our industry’s current procedures. These include:

  • Launch site limitations
  • Altitude and orbital location limitations
  • Equipment inefficiency and lack of reusability
  • Extremely high costs

Put simply, launching a satellite into orbit is far from the flexible, streamlined process that many would hope. What if there were a better way to get satellites into space?

Now, thanks to Weintraus, LLC, there is.

Superior efficiency from WEINTRAUS

Once in orbit, WEINTRAUS’s uniquely designed spacecraft will use a fuel-efficient engine to change orbits and inclinations while deploying your satellite to your desired orbital location. Even better, our spacecraft will be capable of resupplying your satellite while it’s in orbit. The old, inefficient days of disposable equipment are over!

Looking to the future with WEINTRAUS

Our second-generation vehicle will have the ability to relocate orbiting spacecraft ranging in size from 50 to 2,500 kilograms. Additionally, our vehicle will offer debris mitigation, rogue satellite capture and relocation, orbital tug services, and a variety of services for asteroid mining.

The future of the aerospace and astronautics industry begins here. Contact WEINTRAUS today to learn more about our satellite repair services.