Company - Weintraus

Our Story

Weintraus’ mission is to build a reusable and suppliable space tug (Hercules II) capable of capturing, servicing, refueling, and maneuvering multiple spacecraft in orbit. Weintraus aims to build Hercules using modular designs and systems engineering practices to rapidly and affordably manufacture, launch, and operate Hercules. Weintraus aims to use a unique proprietary design to allow on-orbit upgrades of Hercules’ technology in order to keep up with technological advancements. Weintraus’ ability to resupply Hercules multiple times annually with cargo and fuel, while also having the ability to upgrade Hercules’ technology via resupply missions, leads to a competitive advantage over competition. Hercules’ unique design also allows Weintraus to upgrade Hercules to become adaptable to multiple markets through simple resupply missions. Weintraus aims to enter the satellite-manufacturing arena by 2024 using the same modular and rapid development methods used on the Hercules Space Tug. This unique design allows Weintraus to build and license spacecraft to customers capable of being serviced only by the Hercules Space Tug. Weintraus can affordably upgrade technological components on these unique spacecraft overtime, while offering customers enormous savings over competitors by leasing the spacecraft to operators. Weintraus also aims to enter the asteroid mining industry offering the most affordable and reliable space tug services for constructing/demolition, refueling, debris mitigation, cargo transportation, and mining material transportation. Weintraus’ mission objective is to revolutionize the space industry by offering the most affordable, reliable, and efficient space tug services without sacrificing reliability or quality.

Mission Statement

Weintraus’ mission is to change the world by accelerating affordable access to space and providing spacecraft reusability via our advanced robotic technology, artificial intelligence, and efficient orbital transfer capabilities.

The Team

Scott Weintraub

Chief Executive Officer

Weintraus was founded by Mr. Scott Weintraub in 2016, just 5 miles from NASA's Kennedy Space Center. Mr. Weintraus holds a degree in Commercial Space Operations from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. Before starting WEINTRAUS, Scott traveled to Sydney, Australia to work alongside the Director of Saber Astronautics, where he learned aerospace business operations and honed his business development skills. Upon his arrival back to the USA, Mr. Weintraub founded WEINTRAUS and Lotus Energy Solutions - a cleantech energy efficiency and protective nanocoating company. As an Entrepreneur, Mr. Weintraub has conducted business in the wholesale, retail, construction, custom furniture, clothing, and electronics ecommerce markets. Prior to his entrepreneurial and space ventures, Mr. Weintraub was an Ocean Rescue Captain EMT-B with Brevard County Fire/Ocean Rescue for 10 years. During his tenure with Ocean Rescue he studied Biomedical Sciences at the University of Central Florida where he earned 85% of a Biomedical Science B.Sc. before transferring to Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University to focus on space operations. Mr. Weintraub’s background in operations, business development, and managing over 120 employees annually transfers a disciplined work ethic and a competitive advantage to WEINTRAUS.

Edward Mango

Chief Technical Officer

Edward J. Mango formerly served as the program manager for the Commercial Crew Program (CCP) at NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida. The Commercial Crew Program is leading NASA's efforts to develop the next United States capability for crew transportation and rescue services to and from the International Space Station (ISS) and other low-Earth orbit destinations by the middle of the decade. The outcome of this capability is expected to stimulate and expand the U.S. space transportation industry. As program manager, Mango leads approximately 200 people, with almost half involved in the work at other NASA centers. In 2009, Mango served as the launch director for Ares I-X, the Constellation Program's first flight test. He was responsible for the management and direction for the prime launch team and the launch support team. In addition, he was the leader of the launch authority team, which was responsible for programmatic authority to perform the launch and flight test. In the fall of 2008, Mango was assigned as director of the Constellation Space Transportation Planning (CSTP) Office at Kennedy where he was responsible for the development of a new program effort to operate and sustain the Constellation systems to the International Space Station. That assignment included the role of associate program manager for Operations and Sustaining for the Constellation Program. Mango joined NASA at Kennedy in 1986 after serving in the U.S. Air Force at Vandenberg Air Force Base in California. He has held numerous positions, including shuttle project engineer, deputy director for Shuttle Process Engineering, and shuttle launch manager. Mango supported the shuttle launch team for more than 50 launches, including more than a dozen as assistant launch director. He also served as the recovery director for shuttle Columbia's debris recovery effort in east Texas. During the Return to Flight period, Mango was assigned to NASA's Johnson Space Center in Houston as deputy manager of the Orbiter Project Office. There, Mango was responsible for directing the development, production, test and supportability of the space shuttle fleet in a $750 million per year effort. During his career with NASA, Mango has earned numerous awards, including the Exceptional Service Medal, Outstanding Leadership Medal, Certificate of Achievement, Center Director's Award, and most recently, the Rotary National Award for Space Achievement Stellar Award. Mango earned his Bachelor of Science in aerospace engineering in 1981 from Parks College of Saint Louis University in Missouri and Master of Science in engineering from the University of Central Florida in Orlando, Fla.

Mark Chappell

Chief Operating Officer

As the Chief Operating Officer at Weintraus, Mark overseas daily operations of the company to include technical and business development, as well as assisting the CEO and other executive members with growing the company. Mark honorably served in the United States Air Force for 10 years as an Aircraft Armament Systems Specialist on the F-15 and F-16 aircraft. In addition, Mark served as a consultant at NextGen where he was a member of the Commercial Space Integration Team.

Mark earned his Bachelor’s of Science degree in Commercial Space Operations from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, with minors in Aviation Safety, Business Administration, and Human Factors.

Guillermo Bosch

Chief Commercial Officer

Mr. Guillermo Bosch has almost thirty years of experience in the space and satellite telecommunication business holding important positions in many international Companies. Mr. Bosch is currently CCO of Weinraus, Inc., a Commercial Space startup, based in Florida, US, focusing on precision placement and in-orbit servicing of small spacecraft, and President and CEO of Geospace, a consulting Company based in Rome, Italy, specializing in advanced projects in the areas of satellite telecommunications and space services and systems.Prior to Weintraus and Geospace, Mr. Bosch was with SSC (Swedish Space Corporation) in the role of SVP Sales and Marketing. In his capacity, Mr. Bosch was responsible for leading and coordinating global sales and marketing initiatives across all SSC divisions and to explore and drive opportunities to broaden the Company’s existing Customer base. Prior to SSC, Mr. Bosch was three years with Signalhorn Trusted Networks based in Germany, a leading satellite telecommunications services provider as VP of Enterprise sales; ten years with ViaSat, Inc. of Carlsbad, CA, as Sales and Marketing Director for Europe; ten years with Hughes Network Systems of Germantown, MD, in various roles in technical marketing and sales, with specific focus in the introduction of advanced satellite-based telecommunication services in EMEA; and four years with Cap Gemini as a Systems Engineer. Mr. Bosch holds a Master degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Rome at ´La Sapienza´, speaks fluent English, Spanish, Italian and French, and has published extensively with Artech House, Horizon Publishers, Intex, Gruppo Editoriale Jackson, IDG and IIR. Mr. Bosch is a Senior Member of the IEEE, and is an invited Lecturer on Satellite Telecommunications at the University of Rome at La Sapienza and Tor Vergata.

Robert Hathaway

Vice President of Business Development

Mr. Hathaway brings two decades of experience in space and satellite earth observation including geospatial technologies with numerous international companies. Currently the Vice President of Business Development with Weintraus, Inc. focused on driving new partnerships and raising Weintraus’ next round of venture capital. He has been fundamental in four startups, from venture capital raise, to leading go-to-market strategy and business development with successful exits. Previously Mr. Hathaway spent time leading Google’s geospatial enterprise division for North and Latin America. This included developing global partnerships and managing the global Google sales organization. As part of his role at Google, he was part of the team that evaluated Google’s satellite and imagery analytical platform in which IRISMaps was created to be the sole provider of this technology worldwide. He has consulted for numerous satellite companies including Plant Labs, Noosphere Ventures, and Hera Systems.


Weintraus has a global network of partnerships that are invaluable to the success of our mission. We are actively seeking to increase our network with more partnerships that will play a central role in the development of our technology and services. Weintraus is also currently in talks with multiple potential partners, customers, and investors. If you’re interested in joining the list, please send us a message through the contact us page. The following is a list of our current partners who are experts in every aspect of the space industry from software and hardware development to academia:

  • Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
  • Micaplex Research Park
  • FireSpring Fund
  • Saber Astronautics
  • Innovative Space Technologies
  • Satellite Talent